前線國際股份有限公司(以下簡稱前線國際)為提供更良善的購物環境與購物經驗,將針對消費者與個人資料蒐集和運用,而所有行 為依循國內法令及本隱私權保護聲明,前線國際已加強相關之保護措施,但也善意提醒您:請勿在網路上公開透露您個人資料,因該 資料有可能會被他人蒐集和利用,特別是在網路上公開的發言場合,如聊天室、留言版,更應避免發表個人身份、密碼或電子郵件等相關個人資料。

Frontier International, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the frontier international) and good shopping environment and shopping experience for consumers with personal data collection and use of all acts to follow the the domestic Act and the Privacy International frontlinestrengthen the protection measures, but also a gentle reminder: Do not disclose your personal data in the public network, may be a result of the information will be others to collect and use, especially in the network public speaking occasions, such as chat rooms, messageversion should avoid personal identity, password or e-mail personal information.


當您瀏覽前線國際相關網站時,不會主動要求您輸入個人資料。 當使用者要完成購物流程、訂閱電子報、或參加其他活動時,前線國際會要求使用者登錄個人資料,以便完成交易與相關會員服務。 訂閱電子報只需提供Email帳號,使用者想取消訂閱,可隨時至前線國際相關網站取消訂閱。 前線國際及其相關網站所取得的個人資料,都僅供前線國際內部依照隱私權聲明的使用目的和範圍使用。 除非事先說明或依照台灣相關法律規定外,前線國際不會擅自將使用者的個人資料提供給第三者或作為其他目的之用。 前線國際會可能會自動記錄使用者在網站內的瀏覽活動等相關資料,但僅供作為流量分析和網路行為調查,作為改進動線及流程之參考。

When you browse the frontline international website, will not take the initiative to ask you to enter personal information. When the users to complete the shopping process, subscribe to the newsletter, or to participate in other activities, the frontline of international will require users to enter personal information in order to complete the transaction with the Member Services. Newsletter Simply Email account, the user would like to unsubscribe, to front-line international website can always unsubscribe. Personal data obtained by the frontline International and its related sites are only for front-line international internal use in accordance with the use of the purpose and scope of the Privacy Policy. Unless stated beforehand or in accordance with the relevant laws in Taiwan, the frontline of international will not without the user's personal information to a third party or as a use for other purposes. Frontline of international will automatically record the users website browsing activities and other relevant information, but only for traffic analysis and network behavior investigating reference as the improvement of moving lines and processes.



Makes a trade, you need to become a member in order to protect our members interests. The registration process, you need to set yourself a set of e-mail and password. Please keep your Member ID and password, not the information is available to anyone, please log out of your account in a timely manner after use. If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close your browser to prevent others to see such information or to obtain access to your account.



The Frontline International reserves the right to change the content of this statement, the statements of changes will be the website announcement, no additional member notified individually. If you have any questions about this privacy policy can directly contact with the company.