我們期許大家每次與Frontier 的旅行都能讓自己成為一位探索自我,認識這片土地的『先行者』!

Frontier, set up by a group of managers who love outdoor activities, starting from the concept of "Let the sport more fun". Consistent and complete the process of integration of product planning, design, development function, to the back-end support, manufacturers in Taiwan with rich experience Cooperation produce excellent products and maintaining the productivity. We hope to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, and let the public experience a combination of leisure life function, yet beautiful Fashion experience.

That cycling is better than the other modes of transport to explore the Xinjiang wild, broader and more in-depth than walking the earth, breathing naturally more experience than the steam locomotive, Taiwan congenital the round spring expedient climate, scenic environment of the sea and mountains. Heaven developed bicycle industry after developed Road network and convenient recharge points, is the world's most suitable for cycling environment.

We hope that whenever Frontier travel can allow themselves to be an exploration of self, understanding of the "pioneer" of this land!